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Cash Management

Build and scale your banking Operations with our industry leading transactional banking Platform – (iCashPro). Drive efficiencies by enabling your corporate customers to manage their receivables and payables most efficiently.

Integro’s iCashPro product suite is a fully integrated, web-based, end-to-end banking solution. It consists of an independently functioning Front-End Internet Banking and Back-End Banking Operations. The architecture enables centralized hosting with access from all branches or other operational centers. This enterprise-scale platform enables banks to process large volumes of transactions as well as multi-currency, multi-country, imaging and Straight-through-processing (STP) capabilities.

Cash Management



Payments Module
  • iCashPro’s powerful payments hub handles all types of paper based instruments including Banker’s and Customer Cheques, IFT, UAEFTS, WPS, RTGS, SWIFT, and SARIE.
  • Manage large volume payments towards dividend and interest warrants.
  • Prevents fraud by providing a single window to reconcile all payments transactions.

Collections Module
  • Complete control of the process of collecting funds through electronic and paper-based modes.
  • Post Dated Cheque features include vaults and bins that physically map the instruments, handling all special conditions including swaps, cancellations, and loss of instruments.
  • Tracks receivables on a real-time basis and facilitates reconciliation upon receiving funds.

Liquidity Management
  • Enables bank management to track bank’s liquidity status while permitting the collection of funds from decentralized entities.
  • Supports all types of sweeping and pooling mechanism by defining Concentration Account as Zero Balance, Target Balance, and Range Balance.

Mandate Management Module
  • Flexible and automated system that enables the processing of direct debit transactions along with mandating validations.


  • Improve collection times
  • Enable just-in-time payments
  • Optimize idle float and reducing borrowing cost
  • Improve relationships with banks’ corporate suppliers and dealers
  • Enable solution customization through Workflow and Product Designer features
  • Support multi-currency, multi-country, imaging, and STP features