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Financial Supply Chain Management

Our Financial Supply Chain Management platform helps the banks in managing their working capital and funding requirements. It enables the banks and financial institutions to represent their financial information and cash flow efficiently across company boundaries, from credit checks to payment receipts.

Integro’s FSCMPro product suite integrates all the customers of a bank to share and exchange information seamlessly, providing a transparent workflow through all stages of the supply chain. The efficiencies gained by leveraging the platform improves business performance while reducing unnecessary costs that to ensure growth and innovation.



  • Multi-entity, multi-lingual, and multi-currency capabilities
  • Flexible presentment options including invoices and POs in multiple formats and payment modes
  • Multiple financing solutions, including definitions of financing, limits, and tenors
  • Financing for multiple entities: Dealer, Supplier, and Corporate
  • Ability to define specific programs to facilitate availability and delivery of working capital
  • Automated reconciliation of invoices with payments, invoices with collections, invoices with debit / credit notes, and invoices with POs
  • Automated payment & settlement of transactions, enabling cash flow forecasting
  • Ability to support flexible billing & transaction-based pricing
  • Straight through processing (STP), enabling improved operational efficiency
  • Ability to generate a wide range of scheduled and on-demand reports
  • Ability to track and manage credit and transactional risks


  • Sales growth, reduced DSO’s, and improved customer retention
  • Reduced receivables processing cost & time
  • Improved cashflow, forecasting, transaction processes & document management
  • Increased liability float & fee avenues
  • Financing opportunities
  • Add new customers & enhance loyalty
  • Increase in customer base through improved cross-sell opportunities
  • Effective trade & credit risk management
  • Improved operational efficiency and DPO’s
  • Reduced receivables processing cost & time
  • Improved cash flow, forecasting, transaction processes & document management
  • Greater transparency & visibility