Integro’s Lending product suite is an end-to-end integrated credit risk management system which improves productivity, enhances credit quality, and reduces operational risks.


iCashpro+ is a next level transaction banking platform that offers a comprehensive solution that covers full-spectrum corporate banking, delivering a superior and consistent client experience across customer segments to improve time-to-market, gain greater cash visibility, and reduce costs.

End-to-end Integrated Credit Risk Management System

SmartLender Suite

SmartLender Commercial Loan Origination

Provides a single point of credit assessment, origination and management, offering a holistic view across the entire Loan Origination, Collateral and Limit management processes.

SmartLender Commercial Pre Qualification

Helps to easily measure and manage Customer relationships in an operationally efficient, simple, state-of-the-art and intuitive way.

SmartLender Commercial Acceptance

Helps to avoid manual process of generating and defining Letter of Offer and Pre disbursement checklist document.

SmartLender Commercial Approval

An end-to-end Credit Risk Management solution to easily originate and manage loans which helps structure deals efficiently using workflow based tools to propose the loan.

SmartLender Commercial Post Approval

Simplified and Streamlined Monitoring to Reduce Loan Losses by easily monitoring, complying and documenting any event that may impact the payback of the Loans.

SmartLender Debt & Recovery

Bring loans in default back to normal efficiently and effectively with SmartLender Debt and Recovery

SmartLender Financial Analysis

Helps you capture Financial Information in a consistent manner with predefined Industry Financial Templates and associated Key Ratios.

SmartLender Collateral Management

In line with Basel II principles, helps with features that enable banks to employ robust processes and procedures to control legal, operation, liquidity and market risk of collaterals.

SmartLender Limit Management

Designed to set limits that keep exposure under tight control with capability to handle concentration risk by the different hierarchies of risk dimensions.

SmartLender Retail Origination

Reduce application turnaround time, improve time to market, and proactively manage risk with SmartLender Retail Origination


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