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The SmartLender Collateral Management imbued with Basel II, Basel III and Basel IV requirements and practices, is a workflow-driven, web-based and tightly integrated post-approval system, allowing banks to streamline and holistically improve their overall collateral management process. It provides a platform that minimizes manual processing, provides robust collateral maintenance capabilities, which pro-actively manages concentration and sectorial risks.

Legal, Operational, Liquidity and Market Risk of Collaterals

Legal, Operational, Liquidity and Market Risk of Collaterals

  • Robust and efficient policies and procedures to control Residual risks like Legal, Operational, Market and Liquidity Risks.
  • Ability to provide strategies for Collateral valuation.
  • Management of Concentration Risk which may arise from Bank’s Risk mitigation techniques.
Market Risk and Collateral Coverage

Market Risk and Collateral Coverage

  • Periodic assessment of the haircuts can be done to perform a valuation of the collaterals.
  • Collateral Value calculated using parameterized haircuts associated with every collateral type.
  • Controls can be set in place to set the frequency of collateral valuation, based on Bank’s internal policy on Basel norms or Regulatory requirements.
Robust Documentation Control

Robust Documentation Control

  • Various document tracking features including Constitutional & Contractual documentation, Facility documentation and Collateral documentation status tracking and their associated checklists.
  • Ability to continually ensure that the Collateral and Guarantee transaction documents are adhering to the Bank’s and relevant jurisdiction’s legal enforcement.
  • A complete state-based documentation workflow engine, with maker-checker functionality, to ensure that all documentation is properly examined, and processed.

Business Benefits

Reduced Manual Work and Increased Automation

Improved Business Performance

Reduced Document Preparation Time

Increased Productivity

Improved Efficiency

Digital, Intuitive and Portable