SmartLender Debt and Recovery

Streamline collections to holistically improve recovery process

Bring loans in default back to normal efficiently and effectively with SmartLender Debt and Recovery

SmartLender Debt and Recovery (D&R) is a workflow-driven web-based platform that allows banks and commercial lenders to streamline and holistically improve their Collections and Recovery processes for all accounts, especially retail and small enterprise accounts.

SMLC Debt And Recovery
  • Queue Management
  • Collateral Management and Write-off
  • Performance and Incentives Management
  • Call Management
  • Document Generator
  • Strategy Templates
  • Field Management
  • User Administration
  • C&R Integration
  • MIS Reports

Business Benefits

Better Customer Experience

Operation Efficiency is gained since RM does not need to creat a proposal, if they know the pre-score result is not good. Credit Approvers are not bogged down with proposals that may not be in line with credit risk policies.

Holistic, Transparent & Interactive

Creation of proposal and stars the RM gets “good qualification” and approval. Approvers able to see changes with SHOW DIFF function to display changes done for each rework cycle.

Integration & Auto Population of Data

Minimised Data Entry, data shall auto populated into the letter of offer and foe straight through processing.