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SmartLender leverages most of the advanced cloud infrastructure to automate and digitalize the process of information gathering, analysis, decisioning and ongoing monitoring in a simple, state-of-the-art and intuitive way to provide Financial Institution with the means to originate and manage their loans and its associated instruments. SmartLender’s highly scalable and robust architecture attributes ensure deployment and implementation with ease in public, private and hybrid cloud.

SmartLender offers all the operational efficient processes considering the labor-intensive task of risk management and this has been made easier by SmartLender driven by best market practices.

SmartLender Cloud Deployment Options

Public Cloud
  • Server infratructure belongs to service providers such as Oracle, AWS and Microsoft Azure that manage it and administer pool resources
  • Server infrastructure exist in both private and on-premise. This encompasses the best features of both public and private clouds.
  • Server infrastructure belongs to the bank/financial institution, it can be hosted externally or on the premises.
  • Infrastructure are maintained on a designated private network and intended for use only by the bank/financial institution.

Key Cloud Features


Use to provision and manage bare metal compute instances. Provision instances as needed to deploy and run applications.

Block Volume

Provides high-performance network storage capacity that supports a broad range of I/O intensive workloads.

Load Balancing

Load Balancing allows the creation of a highly available load balancer within a virtual cloud network (VCN) to distribute internet traffic to compute instances within the VCN.


Use Monitoring to query metrics and manage alarms. Metrics and alarms help monitor the health, capacity, and performance of cloud resources.


Use Networking to create and manage the network components of cloud resources. Virtual cloud network (VCN) can be configured with access rules and gateways to support routing of public and private internet traffic.


Instant Value

SmartLender Cloud comes with various pre-configured process flows, products, rules and algorithms that are backed by our years of experience in this space.

Process Efficiency

SmartLender Cloud drives efficiency and productivity gains by optimizing and automating processes on risk management and monitoring.

Seamless Deployment

Our architects, application experts and cloud partner shall oversee the deployment or migration of application during the project implementation.

Flexible Infrastructure

SmartLender Cloud’s robust infrastructure enables on-demand upwards or downwards scaling to support fluctuating workloads.


Virtual Private Cloud, encryption, API credentials and adoption of industry-standard security best practices helps the application to be securely deployed in cloud infrastructure.