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Lightspeed LOS Framework For Accelerated Deployments

LOS-Readiness in 6 Months with SmartLender Neo


Loan Origination At Lightspeed – With SmartLender Neo

Every commercial bank expects to be digital-first to ease complexities and workloads, streamlining today’s cumbersome loan origination process. SmartLender Commercial NEO is a significant step towards realizing this at lightspeed. It’s a functionally rich Loan Origination System on API-first and Low-code application framework, improving speed, accuracy, and customer experience during the origination process.

Fast-tracked Origination - Fortified Business Value

Best Practices Implementation

Best practices in Credit Origination garnered over 20 years of engagement with leading banks in Asia.

6 Months To Be LOS Ready

Rapid, agile implementation methodology enables customers to go live in 6 months.

Seamless API Functions

The latest technology stack with an API-first design allows quick API creation, testing, and deploying.

Flexibility With Low-Code

Low Code approach to either replicate existing financial products and policies or create entirely new ones.

Process Efficiency

Improved credit risk management capability driving process efficiency and productivity.

Enabling Key Functionalities

Enabling Key Functionalities

Support in SLA monitoring, tracking, workflow management, and reporting

Credit teams speed up processing and reduce review time on field-level granular visibility

Collaborative communication between users on built-in interactive communication utility

Data accessibility throughout the entire process for marketing, cross-selling, risk management, productivity management purpose

Intelligence to detect and highlight potential weakness in credit via internal and external data sources

Functional Architecture

Cloud-ready & Flexible Convergence Of All Origination Functions
  • Configurable by Users to expedite rapid deployment of fields, templates, APIs, business rules, and more, with no downtime.
  • Open API enables easy integration with surrounding internal/external systems – improving connectivity.
  • Process Automation uplifts users’ productivity and enhances borrowers’ journey, accelerating decision making.
  • Mobility allows on-the-spot customer negotiation and the ability to originate and assess credit anytime, anywhere.
  • Multi-Tenanted with end-customer personalization and configuration.
  • Open-source Tech Stack helps operational costs to be reduced significantly.

Sound Design Principles

Approach Looking At The End Goal And Every Step Efficiency

Accelerating TAT To Improve Revenue Opportunities

Improving Productivity

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Better Risk Management

With Implementation Efficiency & Deployment Flexibility Adding Pace To GTMs

Simplified Implementations in 6 Months
Seamless Cloud Deployments
Public Cloud

Serviced by cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, Ali Cloud - server infrastructure with managed support and administered pool resources.

Hybrid Cloud

Server infrastructure exists in both private and on-premise. This encompasses the best features of both public and private clouds.

Private Cloud

Server infrastructure is owned by bank/FI and can be hosted externally or on the premises - maintained on a designated private network.

Benefits Showcased By SmartLender Neo

LOS Readiness With Simplicity And Speed Of Light

20+ years of best practices transitioned to LOS implementation expertise, benefiting the process.

Templatized processes, enabling high configurability and making the implementation more flexible.

Eased digital transformation through API-geared open ecosystem.

Self-serviceability for banks on low code/no code strategy.

Reduced implementation timeline and risk with an agile mindset and scrum methodologies.

Embrace SmartLender Neo - Accelerate Loan Origination System At Lightspeed.