SmartLender Suite

The complete commercial lending solution designed for bankers by bankers

SmartLender offers all the operational efficient processes involved in the end-to-end Credit Loan Origination, Assessment and Management. Considering the labor-intensive task of Lending, Commercial Loan Origination is made easy with SmartLender driven by best market practice processes.

SmartLender Suite

Commercial Loan Origination

  • Single point of Credit Assessment, real-time risk assessment and reporting tool to make the best possible commercial lending decision.
  • Avoids having data segregated in various aging systems by consolidating all relevant customer data into a single system. It removes lack of transparency for customers caused by delays and inconsistencies of data.
  • The Loan Origination process is primarily broken into Pre-Qualification, Approval, Acceptance and Post-Approval processes.


  • Provides collecting, spreading and analysing financial statement data, which includes but is not limited to balance sheets, profit and loss statements and cash flow statements.
  • Financial Templates and associated Key ratios for analysis are available catering to various industry segments.


  • Control legal, operational, liquidity and market risk of collaterals with the SmartLender’s Collateral management system – a post-approval platform in line with Basel II principles.
  • It provides a solution that minimises manual processing, provides robust collateral maintenance capabilities, which pro-actively manages concentration and sectorial risks.


  • A Centralized system where other Host systems are connected for purpose of limits checking and/or booking. For example, if a loan origination system is associated with Limit Management System, it can enquire the limits utilized by country so as to not originate a new deal/relationship that, when taken together, can cause the limit threshold for that country to be exceeded.
  • Capable to handle concentration risk management by the different hierarchies of risk dimensions, and the different levels of groups.

Business Benefits

Process Efficiency

One Stop For Complete Commercial Lending

Manage Various Client Segments

Informed Decision Making

Streamlined Management of Collateral, Limits & Exposures

Reduce Operational & Turnaround Cost

Digital, Intuitive and Portable