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SmartLender Commercial Approval solution provides an end-to-end Credit Risk Management solution for Banks and Financial Institutions to easily originate and manage loans. SmartLender Commercial Approval’s intuitive and state of the art technology helps structure deals effectively by using pre-set templates, packages and checklists which help users to effectively propose the loan.

Structuring and Simulation process for Relationship Managers

Structuring and Simulation process for Relationship Managers

  • Structuring feature with the ability to create new Facilities by using predefined Facility Packages or Copying from an existing facility.
  • Strong product configuration capabilities allowing omnibus lines for efficient transactions and deal structuring.
  • All forms of securities, collaterals and guarantee types (including, but not limited to Basel II credit risk mitigation classes).
Comprehensive Qualitative Data capture – Credit Application

Comprehensive Qualitative Data capture – Credit Application

  • Transaction based Credit Application with Executive Summary to view the complete deal.
  • Audits every step of the Credit Application Workflow to view the lifecycle of the CAS.
  • Intuitive design to work on the dedicated task associated with every user in the lifecycle of the Credit Application process.
  • Features the ability to print the Credit Application in its entirety (Full form) or selected sections (Short form).
Complete Underwriting Workflow

Complete Underwriting Workflow

  • Rule-based Approval matrix offering a robust workflow engine.
  • Complex routing flows that can include cross-border & cross-departmental credit approval, across multiple approval hierarchies.
  • The information on who can approve, how many levels of approvers, what criteria for the approvers (i.e. limit amount, business segment) is handled by the Delegation of Lending Authority (DLA) Matrix.
Approver / Reviewer

Approver / Reviewer

  • Show-Difference function for Credit Approvers and Reviewers.
  • Allows credit approvers to view the differences between a reworked application and the original version.
  • Improve the efficiency of the approval process and thereby reduce the communication lead time.

Business Benefits

Consolidated and Efficient Loan Origination – Reduced Lending Turnaround Time

Hybrid of Automation and Manual – Increased Productivity

Show Difference for Credit Attention

Complex Structuring Made Easy

Flexibility, Configurability & Management

Easy Integration With Various Systems

Manage Various Client Segments

Digital, intuitive and Portable