SmartLender Commercial Pre-Qualification

Enabling swift mission critical decision

SmartLender Pre-Qualification platform caters to the Customer assessment in an operationally efficient, simple, state-of-the-art and intuitive way to provide Banks and Financial Institutions the means to Originate & Manage their loans.

KYC Assessment - Customer Screening / Customer Due Diligence

Customer Information/Demographics

  • Ability to provide all the required details of the customer either by creating a new or sourced from Core Banking system to synch with the latest information and allow users to update information as per the need.
  • Synchronization of the customer demographic information to the host systems to keep all the information in the latest state.
Customer Information/Demographics

KYC Assessment - Customer Screening / Customer Due Diligence

  • Fulfill the KYC objectives in a cost-effective way and automatic evaluation of the Customer’s associated risk level.
  • Decide the reasonability of the customer by integrating with Credit Bureau system to get the customer information, based on which Lending decisions can be made.
Customer Eligibility and Limits checking

Customer Eligibility and Limits checking

  • Provide a set of checklists helping Banks analyze and understand based on certain criteria what is the customer’s eligibility for the loans request.
  • Check the availability of Limits from Limit Management System to determine if the Limit is breached or there’s still room to utilize.

Business Benefits

Better Insight Of Customer

Protect Business From Encountering Unnecessary Risks

A Centralized Place To Manage And Maintain Customer Demographics
And Relationships

Template To Understand The Interest Of Customer

Easy Integration With Various Systems

Digital, Intuitive and Portable